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In the state of Iowa, it is the responsibility of both parents to financially support their minor children. Generally, when parents are divorced, the noncustodial parent is ordered by a court to make regular payments to the custodial parent. These payments are intended to help cover the costs of the child’s education, medical care, living expenses, and more. Whether you are seeking child support, have been accused of not paying child support, or are contesting payments, you should retain a skilled attorney for assistance.

At Family Law Solutions of Iowa, LLC, our child support attorneys in Des Moines have decades of combined experience in this complex area of law. As a result, we are deeply familiar with all aspects of Iowa family law. We can navigate you through the entire legal process as we help you make well-informed decisions about your future. Our firm truly cares about our clients, and we relentlessly work to help them get the results they need.

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Child Support Guidelines

The amount of child support ordered is generally determined by a judge using the state’s child support guidelines. These guidelines are used in most cases, except in those where it would be considered inappropriate or unjust.

Factors considered when determining child support payments include:

  • The employment status of both parents
  • If the child has any physical or mental disabilities
  • How much time each parent will spend with their child
  • Each parent’s gross income, including pensions, wages, salaries, bonuses, and more

Our attorneys know the factors that judges use when determining child support, and we can use that knowledge to create an effective case strategy on your behalf. Additionally, if you have been accused of not making your required child support payments, we can assist you. Our team can help you modify the existing child support order, demonstrate that the required payments are unfairly high, and more. Regardless of how complicated your situation may be, we have the experience required to help you resolve it.

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