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What Is Spousal Support?

Also known as alimony, spousal support is awarded in the state of Iowa based on one spouse's need to receive support payments and the other spouse's ability to make payments.

spousal support
  • These payments are based on the quality of life the couple enjoyed throughout the duration of their marriage, and it can be agreed upon by the couple during mediation or by a judge in court.
  • If taken to court, a judge will determine a spousal support plan after looking at a wide range of specific issues.

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How is Spousal Support Determined in Iowa?

There are numerous factors that the court uses to determine spousal support, including:

  • Each spouse's income
  • The duration of the marriage
  • The age and health of both parties
  • Any provisions of a marital agreement
  • The levels of contribution to the marriage made by both parties
  • The parties’ combined assets, including property acquired throughout the marriage by both parties

Why Should I Hire a Lawyer for Spousal Support in Des Moines?

In order to work through the complicated issues involved in a spousal support claim, do not hesitate to retain an experienced Des Moines family lawyer from our firm who can fight on behalf of your best interests.

Your rights are important to us, and we can help you develop a strong case to present before a judge as we advocate for your rights and strive to reach your goals.

Maximizing Your Alimony Settlement

When it comes to negotiating spousal support or alimony, it's important to have a skilled attorney on your side to help you achieve the best possible outcome. At Family Law Solutions of Iowa, LLC, our experienced litigators and persuasive negotiators are dedicated to advocating for your rights and maximizing your alimony settlement.

Our team will work diligently to:

  • Evaluate your financial situation and needs
  • Assess the factors that influence alimony determinations in Iowa
  • Craft a compelling argument for fair and equitable spousal support
  • Negotiate on your behalf to secure a favorable settlement

Don't navigate the complexities of alimony alone. Let our Des Moines spousal support lawyer guide you through the process and fight for the financial support you deserve. today to schedule a free consultation.

Experienced Litigators & Persuasive Negotiators for Your Alimony Case

Determining spousal support can be handled through mediation or before a judge in court. Either way, our Des Moines spousal support attorneys can provide you with exceptional legal advocacy and well-informed advice. We truly care about our clients, and we work relentlessly to help them get the results they need.

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