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Court Order Modification Eligibility

When going through a divorce, you will encounter various court orders that dictate how to proceed after finalization. This might feel stressful for some individuals, as a court order may seem like a set, non-negotiable or unchanging agreement. However, life happens, meaning that individuals and their circumstances change over time. Court orders also can go through modification, depending on several factors.

Family Law Solutions of Iowa is here to help explain what cases qualify for court order modification, as well as the types of orders that can be modified.

Eligibility for Modification

If you feel as though you need to modify your court order, it is important to know the cases in which courts consider eligible for changes. Typically courts will only proceed with modification when both or one former spouse has experienced a material change in circumstances. Examples of changes in circumstances include:

  • Moving long distances.

  • Getting a new job with a different work schedule.

  • Losing a previous job and a source of income.

  • Experiencing health problems or other changes that impact the individual.

What Can Be Modified?

You might find yourself wondering what court orders can go through the modification process. Family Law Solutions of Iowa has extensive experience in the modification of orders, especially those related to the divorce process. The following orders are able to undergo the modification process if the courts deem it necessary:

  • Child custody and visitation plans

  • Child and spousal support

It is important to note that when making alterations to custody and visitation orders, the courts must consider what is in the child’s best interest, along with changes in circumstances. Furthermore, the courts will also take into account if the alteration works best for both spouses.

Work With Experienced Modification Attorneys in Des Moines

If you feel as though changes in your life warrant modifications to existing court orders, know that Family Law Solutions of Iowa can help guide you through the process. We can explore your unique situation and help determine if modifications are warranted.

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