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How Does Child Support Work in Iowa?

When Does Child Support Go Into Effect in Iowa?

After a split, a newly divorced couple needs to determine which parent will take on their child's primary care and responsibilities. This includes the monetary burden of child support, which is typically paid to the parent who is the child's primary caregiver. If you're wondering if a judge will grant you child support, we can help steer you through the beginning stages of the legal process.

How Does Iowa Calculate Child Support?

If you are asking for child support, the state will calculate both parents' incomes and expenses. Judges will then use the Iowa Schedule of Basic Support Obligations chart to calculate the amount of support that a parent will be ordered to pay their ex-spouse.

In some cases, this number can be adjusted based on the parent's extenuating circumstances who do not have custody. Both parents will also be required to provide tax information, employment status, and wages.

How Do I Get a Child Support Order From the Court?

To file, you must first complete an Application of Services form, which our attorneys can help you request from your local office and help you fill it out. Applying is free of charge, and we want to help you fill out all of the information correctly.

How Long Do I Pay Child Support?

In Iowa, child support can be paid up until between the ages of eighteen and nineteen years of age. Parents are legally required to provide monthly support for their minor children below the age of legal consent. Parents can expect to continue paying for their child's expenses past eighteen if they have a physical or mental disability.

Child Support Attorneys in Des Moines

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